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The Great Gatsby occurred during the 1920’s in West and East Egg New York. Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story, travels to East Egg to visit his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, and her husband Tom. Nick then purchases a house in West Egg which is across from the extravagant mansion of Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby was known for hosting elaborate parties. Later in the story, Tom and his wife, Daisy, have various disputes in their marriage. Throughout the book, readers become captivated with the character’s drama and observe how their personalities modify during the course of the book. This story utilizes various symbols and motifs throughout the book. Furthermore, The Great Gatsby expressed the life of the 1920’s with love affairs, intricate parties, and drama. (Mariah)

Bioggraphy of F. Scott Fitzerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on September 24th 1896. He was born into an upper middle class family. His parents, Mary and Edward Fitzgerald, raised him Irish Catholic. He went by his middle name, Scott. (Biography) He spent the majority of his childhood in Buffalo, New York. He went to two different Catholic schools of his parents choosing. At a young age he proved to be an excellent student, and excelled most in Literature.(PBS) During his attendance at Holy Angels, his Mother made it so that he only had to go to school for half the day, and he got to choose which half of the day he went to. He was 13 when he got his first story printed. (Biography)
At 15 years old Fitzgerald was sent to a Prestigious Catholic Prep school in Hackensack, New Jersey, called Newman School. He met Father Sigourney Fay here, and he pushed Fitzgerald to pursue his love of writing. He graduated in 1913, and decided to go to Princeton, where he furthered his knowledge and career in writing. (Biography) He quickly became part of Princeton Triangle Club, Princeton Tiger, and he wrote for American Whig-Cliosophic Society. The Princeton Triangle Club led to the writing of his first book, Charles Scribner’s Sons. The editor he sent it to, complimented him on his writing, but still rejected the book. (PBS) He started failing other classes, due to his involvement in so many writing extracurricular. He joined the army, and before he went he wrote a book, so that if he died in the war he would have at least one book published. He sent it to the same editor who rejected him before. The Editor rejected this book as well, but told him that his writing was very good and original. (Biography) After the war he met and fell in love with Zelda Sayre. They got engaged, but she broke it off later, because he was not convinced he could take care of her. He got a job fixing car roofs, and worked on his stories in his free time. A week after he rewrote The Romantic Egotist into This side of paradise and it was published they got re-engaged, and married. Zelda grew ill, and was put in a mental hospital. Zelda and Scott became estranged, and he had a lover, Sheilah Graham. (PBS) After writing a few more books, The Great Gatsby included, he became ill. He was depressed and an alcoholic, and died from a heart attack. He died believing he was an utter failure, because none of his books got more than “moderate commercial and critical success”. (Biography) ( B. Layne)

Long Island was first explored by Henry Hudson in 1609. external image New_york_long_island.jpgIt originally got its name from Adrian Block (a Dutch man) who sailed around the island and then called it Long Island because of its length. (Power to Learn) The fictional regions of Long Island in the book, West Egg and East Egg would be located in the middle east of the city. In the beginning of the 20th century, many subway trains were used to get people from their jobs to home on Long Island. The West and East of the island were clearly separated in the times by old money and new money. The west was turning into the suburbs. After the war, there was money everywhere in New York, so many contractors or builders were making their way to the island to build more work areas and home for people to live. After the war, Long Island was the new place to be. (Sydney)

The Great Gatsby was completed in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Throughout the year, Child Labor Laws were taken to congress, but unfortunately we need passed. The Child Labor Laws were set to make it so children we not able to work when they were young because they could be put in danger and get hurt, also they provided educational opportunities. A Diphtheria epidemic breaks out in Alaska. According to PubMed Health, Diphtheria is an infectious disease that was spread in a crowed area and bad hygiene. Technology had advanced so much that after the election in 1925; Calvin Coolidge’s inauguration speech was broadcast on the radio. Accroding to People History, one of the most used things in today’s world would be Scotch Tape, in 1925 Richard G. Drew invented Scotch Tape to help painters, but after sales escalated, he was able to invent the tape we have now. (Sydney)

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The Great Gatsby takes place in the 1920s, specifically the year 1922. This decade was called the “Roaring 20s” or the “Jazz Age” where everyone was about having a good time. According to Pop Culture, the quote of the year was “There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval" - George Santayana (War Shrines). Right before this decade, World War I happened and just ended right before the 1920s. In the year of 1922, people were living in cities and buying goods across the country because of chained stores and national advertisement. The economy sky rocketed and everyone was spending money including the poor. 1920’s clothing was considered “racy”, changing the American culture to a new perspective. Referring to Lea1285, the women would wear dresses known as flapper dresses and the men were wearing a more informal look with looser pants suits and bigger shirts. Flapper dresses for women during this time were considered “racy” because of how short they hung on the women. Before the 20s, dresses were floor length or at least below the knee. Men’s clothing during the 20s were based off of the theme “hanging out” by taking away the more formal suit and tie to loser slacks and bigger shirts. (Brittany)

Along with allwomen's rights.jpg the partying and “racy” dresses, alcohol was prohibited in the United States. This included imports and exported of alcohol as well of selling it within the United States. Most parties during this time would occur underground; however, people were arrested if caught drinking according to Prior to the band of alcohol, there were numerous states that were prohibiting it in the year 1916. By the year 1919, the 18th amendment, the amendment that banned alcohol from being manufactured or sold within the United States. This law went into place starting of the year 1920. By the year 1922, people were tired of this law and were willing to get caught even it was just a little bit of alcohol. Parties would occur underground and such so people could drink without worrying about being caught. It wasn’t until the year 1933 that alcohol was legal in the United States when the 21 amendment went into place. Besides the alcohol laws, another law was changed during this time. In the year 1920, the 19th amendment was passed and women were allowed to vote for the first time in US history (Useful trivia). The 1920s was one of the biggest decades to have the most change in laws, clothing, and the American style of living. (Brittany)

Impact of the Book:
Initially, when the book was published it received numerous positive reviews and was praised for its creativity. The author provides an overview of the 1920’s American era and lifestyle. According to Yahoo, this story takes place between the end of World War I and the stock market crash. The Great Gatsby was forgotten; however, it was then rediscovered and was known to be a classic American literature book. Culturazzi claims that this book reflects society around the time period of the 1920’s. In addition, it displays the extravagant parties that were held during those times; however, it was unusual for people to commit adultery. Throughout the story, F. Scot Fitzgerald emphasized moral blindness, the American dream, and dreams vs. reality through mystery as well as romance. In addition, he goes into depth about partying and prosperity. Wikipedia states that The Great Gatsby was a significant book that provides numerous symbols and motifs. (Mariah)

Literary Movement:

The Great Gatsby belongs to the realism or modernism movement. The realism movement occurred after the Civil War during the growth of industrialization. Furthermore, the realism movement spread throughout the entire country and was created in New England based on Dona M. Campbell the head of the department of English at Washington State University. In The Great Gatsby, the characters were very materialistic. In addition, the book reflected the literary movement called modernism. Typically, modernism was when the characters develop in psychology and morals. According to Wikipedia, modernism usually discusses the social norms and cultural ideas during the time. In conclusion, The Great Gatsby contains several literary movements that expresses the time era during 1920’s. (Mariah)