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Moby Dick stands as one of the best american romantic novels ever written, and also a great unread novel ( It communicates messages through alliteration, allusion, similes and metaphors ( Transcendentalism also is brought up in the book. Melville talks a lot about the power of man, which is a huge theme in transcendentalism ( The book itself exhibits common themes often found on american romantic novels. These include such things as religion and the overall existence of god. However, this book also foretold many 21st century problems such as the corruption of power and misinterpretation of religion. Herman Melville also shows his anthropomorphic views, allowing the whale, Mody Dick, to have evil properties (

Book impact and impressions over time:

Although the book is a story of a man who simply seeks revenge on a whale, many complex themes and motifs are brought up. Around the time the book was first published (it was actually published twice), there were mixed reviews, thoughts and feelings. Now it is an incredibly famous book, often recognized by the opening line “Call me Ishmael.”(1). The book brings up the idea of social classes/statuses and the existence of god. The book and its true meaning are still being unraveled, even in the 21st century ( The whale in which they are hunting is more than the average whale, due to Melville’s anthropomorphic ideas. The whale goes beyond normal whale-like characteristics and plays a big literal and metaphorical role in the story. It is a whale that has caused pain,and revenge must be taken. All in all, it is safe to say that Moby Dick has left its mark on American literature.

History of book and such:

The story Moby Dick was set in the 19th century. It was published once in 1851 where it did not receive high praise and discouraged Melville because not many people liked it ( Long after he was dead the revival occurred, and that is why he is held in such a high esteem today ( He became a legend. It was republished in 1961 long after it was originally written so although it was not written then it became one of the best American novels ever during this time period ( .The story is basically set, and located out on the ocean on the Pequod; however, before they board the Pequod they stay a while in Nantucket which was the whaling capital of the world. It was from there they departed to sea which was only fitting that they went to the best whaling city.

Nantucket was the island in which the journey was started. Through 1750, and 1850 Nantucket was the whaling capital of the world. Although a depression was going on Nantucket thrived on the whaling business. Melville used the story of the Essex ship to craft Moby Dick as it had plenty of good whaling stories
( The spermaceti whale candle was said to burn the longest, so it was sold for a great price, and a lot of money was made. By the civil war era, Nantucket no longer was known for its whaling. It has gravitated away from the fishing industry recently despite its past.(

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